Friday, October 15, 2021

Swimsover 2021

   Another pool season came to an end with my final swim yesterday. I had hoped for one more today but the pool guys showed up before I got home. 

  Oh well, only about 28 weeks till we open it up again.


  1. Hey, Bob:

    I had my last pool swim the week before you. After the second pandemic summer I'm happy to move ahead, poking my head above the parapet, rather than soaking it all day. I wonder if we're related? Rozakis/Grafakos family, southwest of Sparta. Cheers! Tom

    1. Hi, Tom. I'm sure we are related somewhere up the family tree. My grandfather was Aristedes (b. 1880) one of 11 children of Stavros. The family came from Krokeas, outside of Sparta.

    2. My Aunt Vasiliki was born in Krokeas, she married my Uncle Pete, who ended up in Brooklyn, fought as an Airborne Ranger at the Battle of the Bulge. My father and his other brother fought the Italians, Nazis and communists as guerillas in the Spartan peninsular. When my father died of covid-19 last year I wrote a short (5000 word) family narrative. I was angry and ashamed that he died at the hands of a man like Trump. I'm not sure if I'm getting over it very well, but writing helps a lot. Good Luck, have a great winter. Tom