Saturday, May 21, 2022

First Dunk -2022

   We opened the pool quite early this year -- April 6th, in fact -- because we needed the cover out of the way so the new patio could be installed. Despite that, it was not warm enough for my first dunk until May 17th. (Sorry, no photo available.)

  With temperatures in the 80s today, Alex joined me for his first dunk of the season. He has been looking forward to being back in the pool since his last swim of 2021.


  1. A glorious day for First Dunk! We're glad it was a superhero team up: Papa and Alex.

  2. Hi, Bob!

    I just wrote a glowing testimonial to the creator of 'Mazing Man... and I lost the whole thing. Sigh.

    So here we go again. Yours is one of the best comics narratives I've ever read. Empathetic, compassionate, real situations with real dialogue. Intelligent.

    I came to 'Mazing Man via Ambush Bug. And I am so totally blown away. Bob, you're not going to like my next few sentences:

    Back in the day when I saw your name attached to a story, I groaned. You were too "comic booky" for me, as if you were writing for the prepubescent set. Now I wonder if I misread you. Even moreso, since the comics companies believe now that what the kids need is gore, all sorts of depravity, and only the barest hints of morality.

    You are a decent, dignified man. And much to your credit, you found a way to instill these values in the stories you wrote. I am inspired.

    (By the way, I have not been on blogspot in many years. A Web search led me to believe that this is the best way to contact you. The best way to contact me, if you're interested, is I won't be back here.)

    Many, many thanks!!