Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Alex's Weekend Adventure

 While his parents spent a long weekend together in the Poconos, Alex came to visit Gamma and Poppa and special guest visitor Aunt Sammi. Yes, I know I've been "Gappa," but that has somehow morphed into Poppa and or occasionally Poppop.

  It was a very busy four days for the little man. He has been very musical since he started walking and talking, singing songs and dancing. After a recent visit to the Liberty Science Center with his parents, he became fascinated with guitars. Thanks to our friend Angela, who had a child-sized guitar on hand, we were able to give Alex the opportunity to put on a number of concerts. He started by having us sit on the couch in the family room while he stood on the "stage" in the kitchen and then treated us to a medley of his hits, including the ABC song, "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," and "Old MacDonald Had a Farm." Later, he launched into a rendition of "Happy Birthday to Mommy," which Sammi recorded and uploaded for Rebecca to see. Alex so enjoyed watching his performance on the computer that he continued to sing throughout the weekend, telling his Aunt to get the camera and "Upload."

  The weekend also included a Saturday visit to the Long Island Children's Museum, where we spent two hours playing with various blocks and puzzles and musical instruments.

  There was plenty of fun at home as well, particularly on the very rainy Sunday. Building with Legos, making a picnic out of Play-Doh, drawing pictures, and reading filled the day.

 And there was plenty of time to cuddle with Poppa too.

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