Sunday, January 11, 2015

Old Photo of the Week

[My cleaning frenzy of the past two weeks unearthed a cache of photos from events during my days at DC Comics. Above is the first of many I plan to share over the next few months.]

Thirty years ago, the entire staff of DC Comics traveled to a resort in Great Gorge, New Jersey, for the first "retreat" in the company's history. The three days and two nights included a number of meetings about the future plans for the company, but there were also a variety of social events, including the "DC Olympics," which I will discuss in more detail in a future post.

On the left above is Bob Greenberger, whose current exploits you can read about by clicking here; Bob was a relatively new member of the editorial staff at the time. Next to Bob is Super-editor Julie Schwartz, who was on the verge of celebrating his 41st anniversary with the company. Barbara Randall was another new addition to the editorial department; her penchant for playing practical jokes on me resulted in my referring to her as "the kid sister I never wanted." On the right is Robyn McBryde, a member of the marketing department; Robyn and I were the unofficial morale officers at DC and were responsible for a number of crazy events, including some of what went on at the retreat. 

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