Friday, January 30, 2015

DC Comics Production Department - 1986

(standing l-r) John Holiwski, Steve Bove, Muffy Greenough, Bob LeRose, Shelley Eiber, Al Aiola, Helen Vesik, Julia Schick, Albert DeGuzman, Kathy Petruccio, Helen Ramirez, Todd Klein

   Back in the mid-'80s, DC Releases was a newsletter published for staff and freelancers containing news and information about what was happening in the company. When the spotlight fell on the Production Department, I was asked to write about my staff and said article was accompanied by the art above, drawn by artist Ray Alma.
  We had some turnover between the time Ray did the art and I wrote the article. As you'll notice, there are people mentioned in the article below who are not in the picture above, and vice versa.
   The art was done in black and white. The version above was hand-colored by ace production man Bob LeRose and given to me as a gift. And speaking of coloring, that's what I appear to be doing in the drawing, though I don't seem to have anything to use but what is on the brush.

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