Sunday, January 18, 2015

Old Photo of the Week #2

  Another picture from the DC retreat thirty years ago.
  The powers-that-were decided that bringing in some new editorial staff who had experience in the "real" publishing world -- in other words, the book industry -- might instill a new level of professionalism in the department. Among those recruited were Tom Condon (seated, left), who came in as Managing Editor; Brenda Pope (seated, second from right), proofreader; and Janice Race (seated, right) as an editor. All three eventually returned to that "real" world. In Janice's case, she decided she'd had enough when she was told that an issue of J'emm, Son of Saturn that she'd edited had been the worst-selling comic book in DC's history. (That record has since been eclipsed a number of times.)
  Also in the photo are Andy Helfer (seated between Tom and Brenda), who came in as a member of Joe Orlando's Special Projects department; Arthur Gutowitz, the head of DC's accounting department; and Angelina Genduso, who was Joe Orlando's assistant. (That's a waiter growing out of Angelina's shoulder, not a DC staff member.)


  1. Andy Helfer's name I remember as editor of John Byrne's Superman revamp and writing The Shadow. Nice to see what he looked like! Thank you.

  2. Currently re-reading my 80's Booster Gold's, I did wonder why Editor Janice Race left. Now I know....