Saturday, January 24, 2015

Old Photos of the Week #3

  Most comics fans are familiar with the writers and artists who produce the books they enjoy. Those who are truly devoted can also rattle off the names of letterers, colorists and editors involved. But there are a lot more people who have worked behind the scenes over the years. From that DC retreat in 1985, here are some of those people...

  From the left: Helen Vesik was a longtime member of my Production Department, doing art and lettering corrections as well as other mechanical work on the pages of the books. Ruthie Thomas was DC's receptionist, greeting every visitor to our offices with her warm smile for a number of years, before she moved to Production and became my administrative assistant. Denise Vozzo-Conaty was a long-time member of the Accounting department, one of "the folks upstairs" at 666 Fifth Avenue. Jeanette Winley was in charge of the film library (which has now become Archiving Services or something like that) and is one of the very few folks who were at the retreat who still work at DC.

  Helen ("Helenita") Ramirez was my administrative assistant in the '80s, Bonnie Miller was a member of the growing Marketing department, and Julia (Schick) Sabbagh was an art director working on promotional items and our just-starting line of reprint editions.

  Kathy Petruccio was the art director for the Special Projects department. Terri Cunningham started in that same department, then moved into the editorial administration department and is still in charge of it. Linda Robak was another member of the Marketing department.

  Muffy Greenough was a member of the production department, doing paste-ups of the letter columns as well as on many of the covers. Shelley Eiber started at DC just a few weeks after I did and has remained with the company ever since; she is now the senior-most member on the staff. Another longtime member of the staff was Midge Bregman, who started in the Production department well before the rest of us arrived. Midge was Sol Harrison's administrative assistant for many years and then filled the same position for Paul Levitz until she retired.

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